Saturday, February 26, 2011

Panthers Taking Look at Cam Newton

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Ron Rivera, new head coach of the Carolina Panthers, told reporters at the NFL Combine that the Panthers have to "come up with our own" in terms of a franchise quarterback. Rivera was looking around the NFC South at the Saints with Drew Brees, the Falcons with Matt Ryan, and the Bucs with Josh Freeman and he understandably feels left out.

This was the same day the Panthers said Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton is among the eight or 10 players they could possibility choose with the first pick in the draft.

They can't be serious can they?

There are red flags all over Newton's career, from his departure at Florida to his father's issues with asking Mississippi State for money.

The Panthers are desperate, though. They are not sure if Jimmy Clausen is their guy or not and they are way behind division rivals at that position.

"Look at it throughout the league and franchise quarterbacks are what's happening in this league in terms of it becoming a passing league," Rivera said. "Teams that have those guys that can attack you vertically really I think are tough.''

There was also some of his behavior in games with Auburn where he would pose with fans and celebrate with fans after a touchdown before jumping into the arms of his teammates.


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